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About the Author Erik John Bertel

About the Author, Erik John Bertel (pronounced bûr-tel')

Erik John Bertel





First,let me apologize for the cheesy cigar photo and no, my last name doesn't rhyme with turtle. This is my first major effort in finding my own singular narrative voice within my writing and I hope you will enjoy it. For fans of the novel you will be pleased to know that the sequel to the first Flores Girl novel, “To Hell with Heroes”, is near completion. In the second novel, Sarah is transformed from the prey of the first novel into a classic reluctant hero. Additionally, there are several other novels and projects that I am working on. I have outlined a humorous satire about Corporate America, called “Global Follies” that reflects my own personal experiences with the wild excesses of corporate America during the Internet bubble, excesses that obviously continue to this day. Finally, I am preparing a series of short stories about life on Long Island called "A Land of Shells". This series of short stories will focus on private lives of Long Islanders in much the same way Joyce detailed the quiet desperation of of the Irish in the Dubliners. One of the stories, actually a novella,has an alternative life-path for Sarah that fans of Flores Girl might find interesting or even disturbing.

My educational background includes having survived SUNY at Stony Brook and obtaining a degree biology while training as a physical anthropologist. Professionally, I have enjoyed a successful career in product marketing with several large Fortune 1000 companies. Previous to my recent writing efforts I have expressed myself, and continue to do so, by painting post-modern art. I had the good fortune to study with Laurence Alloway, the art critic who coined the phrase Pop Art, and I have enjoyed painting ever since. Yes, I am guilty of living in both sides of my brain and some might even say I should decide on one but you are what you are. If you are curious some of my older paintings are available for viewing at www.millenniumpainting.com.

Please feel free to contact me if you any questions regarding my novel at ebertel at floresgirl.com. Format it correctly or use this form!

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