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Flores Girl Excerpts

Excerpts from Flores Girl the Novel

Here are sample excerpts from the novel for your reading pleasure!

First excerpt:

As the sit the minutes go by, Sarah thinks about how these tiny Ebu would hunt miniature Stegodonts on Flores . Stegodonts were relatives of elephants and, on Flores, because of their island environment, they had evolved to a smaller size than present day elephants. On Flores the Stegodonts were typically the size of a modern day bison. For a diminutive creature like the Ebu, standing at only three feet tall, taking down a Stegodont had to be a daunting task and required an incredible amount of coordination among the males of the hunting party. Nonetheless, the remains on Flores indicate that they killed and butchered these large beasts on a regular basis perhaps even driving the Stegodonts to their eventual extinction.

Sarah's reflective mental musings were suddenly disturbed as the hunt was taking an abrupt and loud turn. The rustling and yelling from their left is getting louder and they hear the signs of another creature moving the woods. The early dawn light is making it difficult for the pair to see the ongoing action. The thrashing gets louder and louder and is coming straight at them. “What the hell is it?” Sarah wonders. Through the brush they suddenly see a set of jaws lined with jagged teeth coming right at them and then they can make out a dark leathery skin. Richard pushes Sarah backwards to get her out of the way. Whatever it is its headed right at them at a good pace. Sarah begins to crawl and Richard goes right by her in a full run. Richard stops and helps Sarah up to her feet and they both begin to run away from the creature.

Second excerpt:

As they continue to walk the trail Richard notices a small hatchling that has fallen from its nest and lies stranded on the trail. The chick's head is lifted straight up to the sky, chirping its distress call to its mother. Richard knows there is little the mother can do for it and that the young bird is as good as dead. It was probably pushed out of the nest by a stronger sibling and it would be dead within a few hours. Richard was debating whether to step on it and put it out of it's misery but decided this would be a good time to observe Sarah's behavior. Richard steps right over the small bird seemingly oblivious to its plight. Sarah, in turn, does indeed notice the small bird and then, to Richard's surprise, actually picks the small bird up.

“What the hell are you going to do with that?” Richard asks.

Sarah smiled at him and points to a small nest overhanging the path. “He's going back home!” Sarah said. She places the small bird in his nest and walks away with a slight skip in her step. Richard shakes his head in disbelief wondering how the hell did she know where the nest was located? Then he decides it best not to ask as he debates whether or not Sarah is special or just crazy. Didn't matter, it was just a damn good thing that he didn't squish the young bird in front of her!

Third excerpt:

Maybe the guides were looking for her? But, no, she could sense someone still watching her from the depths of the forest. “Who's there?” she called out in a small, barely audible voice that quivered in the wind.

Sarah was about to get up when she heard the frantic calls of the guides looking for their guest. “Sarah! Sarah, where are you?” they called.

“I'm over here,” but she couldn't talk loudly and her voice was too small to be heard above the rising wind. It was too late. Sarah knew it was very close, almost directly on top of her. She tried to see but now her vision had become cloudy. She then tried to run but she couldn't stand and her legs refused to move. So instead she remained motionless, overcome by a primordial fear that she couldn't name nor see. The fear bred deep within her bones, supplanting all traces of the essence that was called Sarah.

If you want to read more you can download the first chapter by following this link!

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