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Do you hating buying a book and then finding out it's not quite the book you thought it would be? Well, I want to give you an opportunity to enjoy Flores Girl and have made available to you a free download of the first chapter. I'm positive you will enjoy the experience and that you will want to buy the eBook in the days to come.

I've made the sample chapter available in two popular eBook formats: Adobe Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Reader. To view these files you will, of course, need the requisite reader. To make this as easy as possible I've provided links for downloading the readers as well. Many of you already have the Acrobat reader but that doesn't mean the Microsoft reader is not without its advantages. The Microsoft reader definitely has the edge for the vision challenged since it can read the book out loud to you, that is if you enjoy listening to machine synthesized voices. I have to admit I cringe every time it says my name (it's pronounced bûr-tel' and definitely does not rhyme with turtle) and I will have to fix that. If you are used to reading eBooks on a PDA then choose the format your PDA reader supports. Good reading and if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Click on the download link and save!

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Chapter One Adobe Acrobat Reader Format

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Flo Picture Chapter One Microsoft Reader Format
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