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Flores Girl: "The Sacred and The Profane" Book Sequel

The Book Sequel to Flores Girl: The Sacred and the Profane is Soon to be Released!

The science fiction adventure book sequel continues...

As a typhoon bears down on Flores Island Sarah is forced to return to the states alone, broken-hearted and without Richard. A careless traffic accident leaves her hospitalized and completely defenseless. As sinister forces learn of her discovery they begin to systematically torture her both physically and mentally in an effort to learn of her island secrets.

Just as Sarah nears the breaking point she begins a psychic odyssey that will take her on an incredible spiritual journey as she discovers just who she is and who she is capable of becoming. From her weakness will come strength for Sarah as her adventure continues and she learns of Richard's sad fate on Irmã Flores.

Check here or FloresGirl.com for the Updates on the Release of the Sequel.

Here's the latest update but it's hard to believe that when I got the original idea for Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot that was in fact over six years ago. Back then I just had a germ of an idea that was fueled by the Homo floresiensis find in Flores and, interestingly, I was looking for a partner to help me write the original novel. There were no takers so I took it upon myself to learn how to become an author and write a novel. At best, it has been at best a bumpy journey with some of the original Flores Girl work, how shall I say, being a bit rough. Doing the Flores Girl podcast for Podiobooks was also an interesting experience as well as it taught me about two very different media: audiobooks and narration. Still the readers and listeners share my enthusiasm for this story and the beloved protagonists of the novel Sarah and Richard. However; what is even more amazing is that Flores Girl followers have downloaded the Flores Girl Novel and Podcast over 275,000 times! You read right, over 275,000 times! That includes the Flores Girl Podcast at Podiobooks, the ebook novel at Wattpad and downloads from numerous partners such as Memoware and Smashwords. There has been so much attention associated with this novel that I was been contacted by National Geographic team back in 2011.

Everybody is busily waiting for the book sequel! Well it's several years in the making but I have finally completed writing the book sequel. Sometime this year the book sequel "Sacred and the Profane" will soon be on its way and available as a free download via the Flores Girl Facebook Fan Page! The book sequel will be available free to all that participated in the novel contest and to the friends of Flores Girl. Also, I am renamed the book sequel to the "The Scared and the Profane" instead of "To Hell with Heroes". As part of the rewrite the book sequel took a different turn with Sarah and this impacts the next two novels as well. Amazing how a single act impacts the trilogy but that's true for life as well.

Personal family responsibilities have delayed the editing of the sequel but the incredible demand has fueled my personal commitment to complete the final editing of Flores Girl book sequel "The Sacred and the Profane". More importantly, the book sequel has spun off into the third novel and as many as three other spin-off novels including a prequel and what can best be described as two über book sequels to the original Flores Girl. So the trilogy will now be accompanied by three book sequels and prequels for a total of six Flores Girl novels. Again, thank you all for your enthusiasm and your feedback. This adventure is just starting with the release of the book sequel, "The Sacred and the Profane" and we hope you enjoy the subsequent Flores Girl book sequels. There have been over 275,000 downloads of Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot free ebook and podcast. Download your own copy of the free Flores Girl Book sequel: The Sacred and the Profane.

Cheers from the Author of Flores Girl "The Children God Forgot" and the Book Sequel, "The Sacred and the Profane",

Erik John Bertel,
January 2, 2012

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